Tabe mono & Nomi mono

This is for beginner’s tip. Tabe-mono and Nomi-mono. Everyone knows some verbs tabemasu (to eat) and nomimasu (to drink). When you put the [~mono ] after the verb that becomes to たべもの&のみもの as noun. [things to eat and things to drink]
たべもの:サラダ、すし、ラーメン、カレー、てんぷら、 etc
のみもの : みず、ジュース、コーヒー、ぎゅうにゅう、ビール、ワイン etc
くだもの(kuda-mono) are all fruits.
Then new one is KAI-MONO & YOMI-MONO.
Things to buy → Kai-mono かいもの, Things to read → Yomi-mono よみもの
All ideas are linked with. So now you find out [ ~ mono] .
かいもの: カバン、くつ、ようふく、プレゼント、おもちゃ etc
よみもの:ざっし、ほん、しんぶん、マンガ etc