Ms. Yuko Martens:
Headteacher in the school. She taught Japanese in Japan, Canada and in Australia.
She also taught several schools in Sydney area and currently focuses for Sydney Japanese Language School, Nihongo-Juku to develop her teaching method and training new teachers. She teaches group lessons, JLPT, HSC preparation and adult private lessons. She also focuses a child education in North Sydney area.

Mr. Kouhei Fujioka:
He taught Japanese in Thailand for two years in high school. He trained the teaching method at Human Academy in Tokyo, 2015. He think what is the best for students and bring unique ideas in the classroom all the time . Now, our school invited him in our team, so our team is getting more powerful.

Ms. Miyuki Okabe:
She is an English/Japanese translator. However when she became a mother, she starts more considering child education. She has keen power of observation and watching children from many directions and find out what they needed. Her clear voice gives child’s attention and her materials are attractive for children. All children bring back her original handmade materials to home and share with parents.

Mr. Koichi Hidehara:
He has been working as a Japanese language teacher since 2017. Originally, he worked in Japan as an IT engineer.
He then moved to Australia. Where he is still active in the IT industry here and has also initiated and contributed to Japanese language training programs in the IT industry for those who have required Japanese language skills.
His teaching materials are unique as an IT engineer prospective and students like them.
He also teaches a wide range of students and adults with a focus on conversation.
He currently offers only online classes at Nihongo-Juku.

Ms. Masayo Colley:
As an artist and art expert, Masayo has been invited to be a cooperative educator by our language school, Nihongo-Juku. We use the term cooperative here to mean that she will give an art exercise using Japanese vocabulary learned in our classes. Children will learn about new art using Japanese. Her sensitivity and creative ideas will lead them to a fantasy world.

They are a great team, meeting every week in workshops focussing on how to develop teaching methods, etc. Our Sydney Japanese Language school, Nihongo-Juku‘s teachers are a highly qualified Japanese native teachers with many years of experience in Japan, Canada and Australia. We are a group of motivated, qualified teachers, providing the most up-to-date teaching methods to make your learning experience fun and memorable.

Students can enjoy learning Japanese using a unique method and attractive approach that is suitable for beginners (who have never studied Japanese) and all other level through to advanced learners (e.g., people wish to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) from Level 5 to 1) and also students who needs for preparing HSC. Speaking and writing, listing and reading, all are combined in the classes.

Some teachers also have years of experience teaching children in Saturday morning classes at community language schools in Sydney, and each has received clearance recognized by a “Working With Children Check number”  in NSW.


The Japanese language term “Juku” refers to the practice of scholars and intellectuals who in the Heian period would take disciples into their homes, but also has come to be used to describe the modern-day “cram school” practice in which people needing extra study can have regular sessions outside of conventional schools. It is the intention of our Japanese language school, Nihongo–Juku to offer such an experience to anyone who wants to study Japanese outside of a school, at their own convenient time for studying with us.

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