Japanese Support

*Trial lesson before your decision

We offer a 30-minute trial lesson before you decide to take a course. The trial lessons are not free because our native Japanese speaking teachers will make customized materials for students each time. Please contact the school first to allow time for making a schedule for it, then you can make the payment for the trial lesson. Please take this opportunity to try it out.


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
Trial lesson ( 30 minutes ) – $25

HSC Preparation Course in the home-office

Our HSC examination preparation course provides past exam papers for practice. These papers also show the marking guidelines. All our Nihongo-Juku teachers are native speakers of Japanese and experienced in the HSC teaching program. Therefore our Nihongo-Juku teachers are ready to discover each student’s weaknesses, so they can guide each on how best to prepare for the exam. Improving speaking skills Writing skill Reading skill Preparation for you need


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
$75 (1 hour) / per person

JLPT Preparation Course in the home-office

The curriculum focuses on grammar for each level. First, we will identify the weak points and pursue them thoroughly. After that, sample questions and listening practice will be given. Finally, students will try their hand at past questions. Students can choose to take 60,75 or 90-minutes each class. Students will need a minimum of six months to complete the course. Listening skill
Reading skill


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
$75 (1 hour) / per person

Adult Classes in the home-office

This course is a regular conversation class. Students will progress to new grammar, vocabulary and conversation examples with textbook references. Students will gradually learn kana characters and are introduced to kanji. They will be able to experience the joy of Japanese conversation without stress. They will be enabled to have a conversation with Japanese people.

Students can choose from online classes or private lessons in the office.
Students can choose to take 60,75 or 90-minutes each class.


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
$75 (1 hour) / per person

Online Course (For conversation, JLPT preparation, HSC, etc)

Online classes for JLPT preparation are offered for adult students, so they can study as much as they want, wherever and whenever they want. This class is designed for busy people so that it’s easy to fit into their schedules. Students can purchase the first 5 or 10 hours and then work with their teacher to determine the time and date of each class.

Improving speaking skills
Reading skill
Preparation as needed


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
$65 (1 hour) / per person

Child Education Course(private lesson in the home-office)

The course is open to ages 5 to 11. For children who do not have a Japanese background, we offer during each one-hour class, an introduction to Japanese culture and the written kana characters. We will teach students to express what they want to say using simple grammar. The materials are also very well designed with meanings captured just by sight. Games are also incorporated to guide students brightly through the content. Depending on the child’s level, we may ask the child to learn together with his or her parent.

We also teach Japanese as a mother tongue language. According to the student’s background and level, we select an appropriate 国語教本 as a basis for our lessons and use in class.


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
$50 (30 min) / per person

Teaching Location

Class location (Home Office):
2B Figtree drive, Sydney Olympic Park 2127
Tel: +61 48 022 6621
Email: info@nihongojuku.com.au

ABN 96 982 366 755