English Support Program

We have a new program for English-language support, and have professors who have long worked at the University of Sydney who can assist students in preparing for the TOFLE, TOEIC, and IELTS tests. We also provide guidance and support for writing papers in English.Copyediting can improve the clarity and coherence of a paper, and provides more than corrections as it can lead to revisions of the paper when the writer elects the premium services offered here. Copyediting prices are competitive, but depend upon the content and target. Please submit the complete text for a free review that will allow a determination of what the price would be for professional copyediting service, noting that prices start at $50 per 1000 words.

English Teacher

Professor William Martens:
Director of the English program for Nihongo-Juku.
For seven years, he taught undergraduate and postgraduate classes at the University of Aizu in Japan, after which he taught for six years at McGill University in Canada, and since 2009, has held the position of Associate Professor at the University of Sydney in Australia. He has ample experience teaching native Japanese students who study English as a Second Language (ESL) and has also taught computer science courses for those ESL students, while supervising them in the writing of their final-year research reports. He has also provided copy-editing services for Japanese faculty members writing English-language academic papers for technical and scientific journals. He has published research papers on teaching English-language pronunciation, with an emphasis upon Computer-Aided Language Learning and Computer-Aided Pronunciation Training.


Miss.Caitlin Gazzard:
Teacher of the English and Japanese both program for Nihongo-Juku.
Before returning to Sydney to study at university, she spent her last year of primary school and all high school in Japan. During those several years, she was able to learn about the Japanese culture as well as become fluent in both languages. Her experience of growing up in both countries with a bilingual background is reflected in her teaching style. She has experience with teaching both Japanese and English to people of all ages and backgrounds.

English Support

*Trial lesson before your decision

We offer a 30-minute trial lesson before you decide to take a course.
The trial lessons are not free because our teachers (native English speakers) make customised teaching materials for each student in response to their expressed needs.
Please contact the school in advance to allow time for making a teaching schedule with related materials, at which time you should make the payment for the trial lesson.
Please take this opportunity to try out one trial lesson.


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
Trial lesson ( 30 minutes ) – $30

Pronunciation Training

For non-native English speakers who plan to study or work in a destination where English is used as the international language of communication, we offer a single 60-minute training session to help them begin to build confidence in their English pronunciation. Our training sessions employ modern techniques and tools for improving communicative competence, enabling us to offer unique training exercises that are customized for each student (using a novel Computer-Aided Pronunciation Training platform). Additional sessions can also be arranged for advanced training.

Please take this opportunity to try out one Pronunciation Training session.


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
$50 for single training session (60-minutes/session)

Preparation for Tests of English Language Proficiency

This course aims to support students of English language in building proficiency for taking one of the standard international tests measuring the test taker’s ability to communicate in English in either academic or business contexts. As most tests are designed to assess oral comprehension, speaking, writing, and reading skills in an international environment, the course offered here features selected exercises in each of these four areas. This course puts its emphasis on realtime interaction with a native speaker of English, which is an important component of a student’s preparation for tests such as IELTS, TOIEC, and TOEFL.

Students can choose to take classes of 60 or 90 minutes each.
Students should begin this course, Preparation for Tests of English Language Proficiency, a minimum of six months before they plan to take one of the standard tests.


Starting anytime at your convenience (individual)
$300 for 5 sessions (60-minutes/session)
$450 for 5 sessions (90-minutes/session)

Technical Writing in English

Professional copyediting services are offered for non-native speakers of English who need support in their technical writing in English. Whether for academic papers or for manuscripts targeting publication in conference proceedings or in technical journals, the writings of non-native speakers typically need more than just proofreading. Occasionally, some discussion of the writer’s goals and intentions can be very beneficial in producing superior results.

Manuscripts submitted as Word documents will be returned with “track-changes” enabled.
Students can choose to book online sessions in which paper revisions can be discussed.


Rates for copyediting are competitive (inquire for a price quotation)

Teaching Location

Class location (Home Office):
St Leonards (4 minutes walking from the station)
Tel: +61 48 022 6621
Email: info@nihongojuku.com.au

ABN 96 982 366 755