[Grammar] Machiawase o shimasu vs Ai masu

【文法】Machiawase o shimasu VS Ai masu.


Questions in the class. . . How is it different from “まちあわせます/あいます”?

「あいます」to be used when people are planning to meet, but to be used by chance to meet.

For example, I met a friend of my high school at a station.
This means it was coincidently I met my friend.

Ex) I will meet Mr. Sato at the station at 1 o’clock tomorrow.
Of course in this case, you should have made a promise at the convenience of each other.

“to Meet” and “to meet in person” are used very similarly.
However, there is a purpose to put something together after “meeting”.

Example) O I met with him at the station at 7, then went to the movies.
X I met him at seven and went to the movies. → The nuance is slightly different!
“To Meet” may be the purpose itself.





X私は彼と7時に会って、映画に行きました。→ 少々ニュアンスが異なりますね!

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