What is Juku ?

Hello, I am Yuko, a head teacher at Nihongo-Juku.
Do you know the Juku means?? In Japan, many teens go to a Juku after school to improve their study, not only Japanese, mathematics etc.

They finish all classes around 3pm and joining a school sport club (that is actually compulsory) then after sport their parents send them to a Juku (It is called a clam school in English). They must be very tired however they focus for their future to get in a higher collage.
Our mission at Nihongo-Juku is for supporting our students to improve their Japanese more and to use Japanese in confident.
Let study us!! Our service provides for supporting JLPT, HSC, and conversassion for business relating circumstance and more, if you have any concerns, we are more than happy to discuss.


Please feel free to inquire and we are also looking to recruit Japanese tutors.02 9994 8953Class location:14F, 309 Kent Street, Sydney

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