[Grammar] machigai masu vs machigae masu

【文法】What is deference between machigai masu and  machigae masu.

Questions from students :

How to use 【machigai masu VS machigae masu】 both are very similar. Also, Japanese people often use 「Machigatta!」 But some people also use「Machigaeta!」as well.

Here, it is easy to understand if you know between “transitive verb and intransitive”. If you are Japanese and paying attention to the underlined both particle “wo” and “ga”, like “I mistook the time to get on the train, actually the time written on the bulletin board is wrong”.
「Densha ni noru jikan o machigaeta. Jitsu wa keejiban ni kaite aru jikann ga machigatte iru karada.」

However, it is actually difficult to use for Japanese learner.

I made a mistake between Mr. A and Mr. B’s name
→ I made a mistake in both names.
A san to B san no namae o machigaeta.

I write B as writing the answer as A.
→ I mistook the answer supposed to be A.
A to B no kotae o machigaeta.

In general, if it is not your own mistake:

The time written in the timetable is incorrect
→ The time on the timetable was wrong
Jikoku hyoo no jikan ga machigatte ita.

→I listened to the person’s idea, but it was wrong
Ano hito no kongae ga machigatte iru.。



AさんとBさんの名前を間違えた  → 名前を間違えました。
答えをAと書くところを、Bと書いてしまった。→ 答えを間違えた。

時刻表に書いてある時間が間違っている → 時刻表の時間が間違っている。
人の言葉に耳を向けたが、間違っていた → あの人の考えが間違っていた。

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